April 27th 2012
Cyborg Cabaret - Passion, Terror, and Interdependence


Doors at 7pm. Show at 8pm.

Hosted by Dan Wilcox, Heather Knight, & Data the robot!

Live musical interludes throughout the show by SCSI & the SCMS (Margaret Cox, Michael Johnsen, and Matt Wellins) sponsored by VIA.

**DJ Zombo will kickoff the afterparty directly following the show.**


1. Robot Arm Dancers - Prof. Golan Levin

A trio of robot arms dance to resounding electro beats.

2. Transmutation of Man - North Star

This is a silent performance, portraying the evolution and hopeful transmutation of man. Inspired by the Book of Enoch, Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the Book of Changes.

3. Honey, I Slept With a Robot - Julia Cahill

Sleeping with your lover’s best friend can almost guarantee the end of the relationship, but what happens when his best friend isn’t human?

4. The Cyborg’s Lament - JD Whitewolf

Are we any less human just because we are cyborgs? This operatic lamentation explores one cyborg's life as he / it tries to answer the question.


5. Simplest Sub-Elements - Heather Knight

What makes machines come alive? Live research-grade robot choreography with non-anthropomorphic robots.

6. Disintegration (after myself) - Riley Harmon

Video and stage effects that examine the delicate relationship between people and their technological prosthetics.

7. Robot Rumble - Dan Wilcox

What if today’s robotic technology could be put to the test in a one-on-one wrestling tournament? How would a Honda ASIMO stack up against the Boston Dynamics Big Dog? Could a Google self-driving car defeat the high-flying power of a Reaper drone? Uh oh, RIBA the nurse robot was talking smack about the CMU CRUSHER! It’s on!

8. Cyborlesque - Julia Cahill

Cyborlesque is a tantalizing cyborg burlesque piece that is sure to warm your flesh and oil your joints.

Curated by Dan Wilcox & Heather Knight

Made possible by the CMU School of Art Interdisciplinary Award 2011


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